Tim Brandenburg is running for Judge of the 96th District Court of Tarrant County.  An experienced trial attorney, Tim  graduated from law school in Fort Worth and has practiced law in Tarrant County throughout his legal career.

During the civil litigation process, it is all too commonplace for attorneys to make frivolous objections, attempt to hide critical information during the evidence gathering process, and try to get confidential, protected records to embarrass the parties.  As Judge of the 96th District Court, Tim will work to stop this abuse of the civil justice system and hold attorneys on all sides accountable for their actions.


“The Golden Rule is to “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”, but, in divided America today, the Golden Rule has been twisted to “He who has the gold, make the Rules”.  That is not the America we all deserve.  If elected Judge, I will make sure the law is followed without regard to who is in my court, whether it is a multi-million dollar company or a regular person like you or me.

The Pledge of Allegiance concludes with “liberty and justice for all."  I want to be your Judge so, together, we can make the Pledge a reality and really have Justice for ALL”.


Professional Qualifications

  • 16 years of experience in civil trial law
  • Admitted to practice in:
    • All Texas Courts
    • Unites States Federal Court – Northern District of Texas
    • Unites States Federal Court – Eastern District of Texas
  • Member of:
    • State Bar of Texas
    • Tarrant County Bar Association
    • Arlington Bar Association
    • Tarrant County Trial Lawyers Association
    • Dallas County Trial Lawyers Association
    • Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Texas Wesleyan Law School in Fort Worth (now Texas A&M Law School)